THANK YOU, GRETA GARBO: Berluti's Brunico Boots
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Berluti
These boots are inspired by a Greta Garbo order from the '30s
The patina applied here is called 'Ice Gold'
Metal hardware feature on the design, just like Greta Garbo's version
A sturdy construction ensures this footwear is ready for the outdoors

Well, there are boots… and then there are these boots that will make the rest of your shoe buys look like a distant memory. Based on the already-famous blueprint of a Greta Garbo custom ski boot order from yesteryear are these Brunico boots from upmarket footwear god Berluti. They are made to be chunky but comfy, and they are fashioned just like those season-specific footwear capable of getting the better of snow and sleet. These, however, may be too much of a heartburn to shovel snow in but they can do the deed too if its US$3,200 price tag won’t be the cause of your sleepless nights. The signature patina on the fine leather is the reason why loyalists never turn to others after buying their first Berlutis and these Brunico boots have kept faith with this fave finish (the patina used here is coined as Ice Gold which fits in with your Jay-Z vibe). Along with shiny metal hardware and a Garbo-ordered crossover strap, your inner badass biker might be interested to flex this on leather jacket-wearing days too. Don’t be surprised if you’re allocating every day to be a leather jacket-wearing day.

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