ON THE FRINGES OF WINTER: Uniqlo x JW Anderson Women's Fringe Skirt
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Uniqlo and JW Anderson
Uniqlo x JW Anderson women's fringe skirt in green
Uniqlo x JW Anderson LifeWear technology with British-styled pattern
Uniqlo x JW Anderson fringe skirt is available in red
Don’t believe what every fashion editor tells you. Sure, they might be talking about the latest Gucci winter collection, or regurgitating the same old spiel about winter is coming (guilty as charged). But let us be the ones to break it to you: we’re just like everyone else, looking for ways just to get through those cold, brittle days of an impending winter without having to go full GOT mode. And in Uniqlo x JW Anderson’s fall-winter collection, we’ve found the perfect skirt for your upcoming winter wardrobe. While this collaboration is already on its fourth iteration, what’s different is that the Irish-born designer decided to take a trip into the Cornish coast – St Ives, in particular, which is known for its fishing industry – that prompted him to craft this new-and-improved British-outdoor inspired fringed skirt. With its checkered design and midi-length tailor, it carries a throwback British industrial vibe that shows you can handle the winter workload before the holidays with ease. And when the weekend comes, your outdoor wanderlust will be satisfied thanks to everyone’s favourite Uniqlo Lifewear technology, that will keep you warm and cosy even as you walk along the chilly coasts of Cornwall or Brighton.


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