AROUND THE WORLD IN 10 DAYS: Louis Vuitton's Travel Books
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton's City Guides
An expanded ten guides of cities including New York, Beijing, Lisbon and Seoul
We all want to travel the world (who doesn’t?). But then comes the incoming pile of questions, like where do we start? Or what’s there to do once we get there? And the most relatable one of them all: Does one even have the time? Ask no more, for Louis Vuitton has the answers: the fashion house is launching ten titles including Beijing, Lisbon, Moscow, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo that will make sure nothing else is stopping you from jetting off into the sunset. Of course, this is nothing new for Louis Vuitton, given their own publishing house operations which is home to 80 titles and three collections – City Guides, Travel Books and Fashion Eye – dedicated to the wanderlust mission. But, given the books’ two-decade span, and mankind’s evolution from MySpace feed to Instagram stories since then, it was about time for a much-needed update. Now, besides your general must-see places, the books truly give one an inside scoop – through the contributions of a variety of flavoured locals – into over 20,000 hotspot places from its most fashionable boutique hotels, restaurants, markets, shops, design hubs museums to even each city’s little secret spots. That way, your jet-setting dreams will finally begin.

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