HOT STUFF ALERT: Louis Vuitton’s 2054 Heat Map Print
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Thibaut Grevet and Louis Vuitton
The messenger bags are expandable, enabling more storage space when required
The 'Sleepall' doubles as a sleeping bag
This multu-coloured print is Virgil Abloh's futuristic take on tie-dye
A pouch with embossed Louis Vuitton logos
An alternate side of the puffer leather pouch with Louis Vuitton logos
A multi-coloured scarf from the '2054' collection
"Heat mapping" prints also makes a cameo on sneakers

In-between making cool furniture, spinning cool tunes and thinking cool thoughts of making other cool stuff, Virgil Abloh has also made fresh functional gear for Louis Vuitton, titled 2054. And if you have watched Ryan Gosling’s Blade Runner 2049 – who hasn’t? – these futuristic cold weather apparel and accessories are possibly what Louis Vuitton’s idea of fashion is in that era of which the year also corresponds with the Parisian fashion house’s 200th anniversary. While others are making plans for 2021, Abloh’s forward-thinking ways means this teaser 35 years into the future is possibly his way of telling us he already knows something we don’t. Which brings us to this multi-coloured alternative to our current obsession with tie-dye – he was also instrumental in making this fabric treatment cool again in 2019 – that appears to be plucked from the idea of heat mapping a la special vision of a Predator (another clue as to what our future entails). This print is translated onto accents on his hype sneakers, scarves, pouches, bags, lanyards, and even chainlink jewellery – all proposed in a manner that’s familiar territory for today’s camo-wearing crowd. That said, these Louis Vuitton wares aren’t just straightforward luxury logo drops; his take on the future is also one cleverly catered for multiple uses which plays on some fantasies of a post-apocalyptic Mad Max-type of future too. Large scarves can be rolled up into mats, bucket hats can even be neatly folded into a pouch, and the iconic Keepall (nicknamed as the Sleepall) also doubles as a sleeping bag via a secret storage. As for whatever will happen in the future, just know that it's likely we'd still look this good. The collection pre-launches on November 15 and lands in stores on December 3.

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