Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Diesel and Samsonite
This first-time collaboration features a semi-transparent design on trolley luggage and backpacks
The trolley luggage is available in three sizes
This duffle bag has an integrated removable drawstring backpack
The backpack features an easy-to-reach laptop compartment
Hidden compartments allow for selective viewing of the luggage contents
The rolling double wheels with Diesel Mohican head design
The pull handle features the co-branded collab

You’re highly protective of the contents of your baggage. Well, who isn’t? Which is why the idea of transparent luggage – no matter how cool it appeals to your X-ray vision fetish ways – seems like a serious invasion of privacy. The good news is that Diesel and Samsonite have found some middle ground. This travel collection is a fresh take on the trend that has been popularised by the likes of Crash Baggage and Rimowa in previous years. Think semi-transparency; letting users decide what they prefer airing in public (hype sneakers, fancy bottle of Champagne) whilst keeping their private stash hidden in another compartment. The formula is in the design which features a solid black at the base before fading to a visible upper half. And yes, it does look like a cool magic trick.


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