Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Supreme and Rimowa
The Rimowa and Supreme luggage comes in two sizes
The colection launches on November 14
The spider web graphic taps on a design that was also used on its hoodies in 2016

Yes, it’s possibly the luggage you might never own. And chances are, you might never even see this iconic aluminium storage lying restless on an airport’s baggage belt because it’s just too good for that. A Rimowa and Supreme luggage that comes in two sizes – it launches on November 14 – is the kind of travel accessory that was made for private jets and first class cabins. Its hypebeast-given status is one the cool kids will call grail, denoting its godly levels of swag that comes with being its owner (which is just about anything Supreme decides to put its logo on). This collaborative luggage set, however, comes with its own clout having sold out its 2018 debut in a matter of seconds. To put it in perspective, your regular junk food orders take a longer time to be served than they did in selling out the entire stock. 2019’s editions break away from the oversized Supreme logos that you can spot from the other side of the arrival hall. Instead, the pair introduced a Venom-esque spider web graphic that covers the black aluminium housing in a manner that also resembles shattered glass. If it looks familiar to streetwear savants, this is because this same print was first used on Supreme’s fall-winter 2016 collection of hoodies. So why are they harder to get than Hamilton tickets? One can look at the resale market of mint condition pieces that are priced like streetwear’s version of gold bars. The secondary market has fetched between US$3,500 to US$6,500 per piece (the 2018 originals were priced at US$1,600 and US$1,800 for the two sizes) which means traders know this is their free pass to a cushy island holiday. And if you do get your hands on one, please don't use it in coach.

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