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MADE OF HERO MATERIAL: Hamilton's Khaki Pilot Schott NYC
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Hamilton
Schott NYC made clothing for the American troops during WWII
The collaboration comes with a custom leather pouch by Schott NYC
The leather strap is made from the same material as those WWII bomber jackets made by Schott NYC

Schott NYC isn’t a name that sounds as sexy as a Fenty or a Fendi but this all-American garment manufacturer has given us some of the most popular wardrobe staples that we are still coveting today. Marlon Brando’s leather motorcycle jacket in The Wild One? It was a work of theirs and it was said that even James Dean didn’t want to take his off. The Ramones’ punk rock swagger? Yes, it made their jackets too. But perhaps the greatest project for the 106-year-old American institution was making clothing for the United States Air Force, starting from WWII. It made pea coats, bomber jackets, and flight jackets – all to keep the armed forces warm and they continued to provide this service for another 60 years after the war. So where does Hamilton come into the picture? The two brands share a history with the American armed forces as the watchmaker also started supplying the American troops with wristwatches and marine chronometers during the war, going as far as to halt consumer production so as to deliver over a million wristwatches over a span of three years. And Hamilton still provides wristwatches to the American troops today. The two brands have come together for the first time to serve a limited edition wristwatch that will make even the least patriotic American start whisper-chanting “U-S-A!” (Note: You don’t have to be an American to buy one of the 1,892 pieces made.) Hamilton has chosen the self-winding Khaki Pilot watch to kickstart this collab – a nod to Schott NYC’s history as well as Hamilton’s century-old know-how of creating pilot’s watches. Now, this is the cool part: Schott NYC has handmade the straps for this series. It’s a beautiful brown leather – go on and take a whiff at the brand new hide before it becomes sweat-soaked – that is said to age beautifully like one of its well-crafted jackets. And yes, it used the same type of leather as those jackets it made for the war. Each package also comes with a matching leather folding case for keeping your watch looking spiffy when you’re on the move. But who are you kidding; this 46mm olive green dial stunner will be in your corner from morning hikes to Happy Hour down at the bar.

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