ARE THEY OR AREN’T THEY: Christian Coppola & Kiernan Shipka
Text by Kee | Photos & Interview courtesy of Fendi
Christian Coppola and Kiernan Shipka star in the new 'Baguette' campaign for Fendi
Christian Coppola and Kiernan Shipka prep for a scooter ride
Kiernan Shipka and Christian Coppola at the Trevi Fountain
Kiernan Shipka and the new 'Baguette' bags
Kiernan Shipka and Christian Coppola outside Fendi's headquarters in Rome

They’ve been keeping us guessing forever about their relationship status... and well, this love-dovey Roman Holiday-esque shoot for Fendi’s #BaguetteFriendsForever campaign won’t clear up rumours either. Kiernan Shipka (you might know her Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and director Christian Coppola head to the Eternal City to solidify their friendship (and maybe more). From a coin toss at the Trevi Fountain to riding a scooter around the ancient city, the pair got to discover Rome just like in the movies.


MANIFESTO: What does friendship mean to you?

CHRISTIAN COPPOLA: Someone you can trust.

KIERNAN SHIPKA: Trust, memories, loyalty, and laughter are the foundation of my friendships. It doesn’t mean seeing each other every day, or talking all the time. Friendship should transcend all of our differences. It’s really a matter of connection between two people. Pretty beautiful, if I do say so myself.


M:  What’s the best thing you like to do with your best friend?

CC: Travel abroad.

KS: There’s nothing quite like having an epic adventure with your best friend. But there’s also nothing quite like staying in, eating snacks, and staying up too late talking. The balance of both is ideal!


M: Tell us about your shooting in Rome. How would you describe the city?

CC: I’ve been coming to Rome since I was a little boy. I remember the Vatican and more classical parts of the city having such a profound impact on me. There’s a beautifully strong sense of tradition that seeps into everyday life here in a way that’s different from everywhere else.

KS: The shooting in Rome was magical. It was my first time in Rome and it was such a whirlwind experience. I basically saw the whole city in a day, with one of my best friends. The history is rich, the city is stunning, and the food is most excellent.


M:  What does Fendi mean to you?

CC: Modern yet traditional.

KS: Timeless class and elegance at every level. Often subtle yet always effective.


M:  Use three words to describe the Fendi Baguette bag?

CC: Very good looking.

KS: The Baguette bag is chic, sharp, and effortless.


M:  Would you define the Baguette as iconic? Why?

CC: I love anything timeless, and the Baguette bag is definitely that.

KS: Absolutely! The Baguette has proven to be a perfect bag in many ways.  There’s a reason it’s iconic, and that’s because it’s designed so well.


M:  Any cool anecdote from the day on set?

CC: A lot of pasta was consumed that day. And I learned how to drive a scooter, somewhat.


M:  How was it both directing and starring in this special episode?

CC: I’m not used to being in front of the camera, especially in my own work, but having someone like Kiernan by my side who is such a seasoned professional instantly put me at ease. It gave me a fresh perspective on the whole process.

KS: We were basically living out our Roman Holiday dreams all day with our Baguette bags. Right before the end of the day, we hopped out of the car and got a photo in front of the Mouth of Truth to really seal the deal! When the shoot ended, I downed a cappuccino to stay awake and then we had a delicious dinner in a Roman restaurant. Carbonara is the acceptable way to end a day in Rome!

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