Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Off-White & Musée du Lourve
This collaboration marks the 500th anniversary since the passing of Leonardo da Vinci
Virgil Abloh referenced 'The Virgin of the Rocks' and 'Saint Anne'
Virgil Abloh referenced 'The Virgin of the Rocks' and 'Saint Anne'
Virgil Abloh referenced 'The Virgin of the Rocks' and 'Saint Anne'

It is of little surprise that Virgil Abloh admires Leonardo da Vinci. After all, the Renaissance artist and engineer was considered one of the original multi-hyphenates, a description that many in the industry would also consider fitting of Abloh who flies the flag for Off-White, menswear for Louis Vuitton as well as his personal endeavours in industrial design. When Abloh was tasked with the perfect opportunity to incorporate Da Vinci’s work with his, he jumped at the chance to pay homage to one of his design heroes. Working together with the Lourve, this clothing collaboration – under the Off-White label – is not just the celebration of an on-going Da Vinci exhibition at the Parisian museum but also one that marks the 500th anniversary since the artist’s passing. Rather than focus on all-time faves like Mona Lisa or The Last Supper, Abloh specifically chose to highlight lesser known works of Da Vinci specifically The Virgin of the Rocks and Saint Anne. The work remains faithful on the garment, with Off-White’s signature intersecting cross graphics and typeface merely acting as windows to Da Vinci’s work. The collection is available at the Lourve’s gift shop as well as Off-White’s online store.

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