WHY GAMERS ARE DRESSING BETTER: Louis Vuitton x League of Legends
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Louis Vuitton
LV x LoL lambskin biker jacket and calfskin leather 'Speedy' handbag with silk 'BB' bandeau
LV x LoL technical jersey cropped top, nylon park and matching joggers, and calfskin leather 'Dauphine BB' beltbag
LV x LoL technical jersey cropped top, calfskin leather Mongram canvas 'Palm Springs' bracelet with brass metal, technical jersey cycling shorts, and calfskin leather and rubber 'Archlight' sneakers
LV x LoL technical jersey cropped top and nylon joggers, calfskin leather 'Dauphine BB' beltbag,and calfskin leather and rubber 'Archlight' sneakers
LV x LoL cotton T-shirt dress and calfskin leather 'Dauphine BB' beltbag

If esport tournament winnings are anything to go by, you can probably speculate that players know their way around a Louis Vuitton shop too. Coupled by the fact that many are dropping serious dough to dress their avatars better than even in real life, fashion houses are reminding hardcore gamers that looking expensive whilst sitting on a computer chair can have its clout too. Following the announcement last October of Louis Vuitton’s involvement with League of Legends’ creator Riot Games, womenswear artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière has been tasked with something he hasn’t done in three decades of fashion: design exclusive skins for popular game characters. Those who have purchased the Qiyana Louis Vuitton Prestige skin can now do the same for themselves as Ghesquière has also designed a capsule collection of clothing and accessories for those off-game moments. Think Archlight sneakers, Star trail boots, and even the Beaubourg platform derby shoes that look like they are fresh off the fashion week runway. The holy grail of the collection, however, is a silver lambskin biker jacket that retails for US$5,650 which isn’t a big stumbling block in pricing for championship-winning gaming pros.

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