Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Fendi
The scent is infused into the leather of the 'Baguette' bags and can last for up to three years
A 5ml bottle of the 'FendiFrenesia' fragrance comes with each bag
Francis Kurkdjian
This collection features the use of yellow Cuoio Romano leather

Love your new bag but hate the smell of new leather? Well, you’re not alone. Now Fendi has developed a solution that might just eradicate your first world problem with leather goods for good. A special collection of its iconic Baguette bags are now scented, being the first of its cohort to be infused with fragrance which means you won’t clue in others that you’re still breaking in a new bag. But don’t mistake this scent as just any de-odouring spray that the Italian fashion house has bought off the shelf. It has tapped on the expertise of award-winning Armenian perfumer Francis Kurkdjian on this project to create an eau de parfum that is directly inspired by the Baguette too. And Kurkdjian isn’t entirely sidetracking from the yellow Cuoio Romano leather either by deriving a scent that contains leathery and musky notes that aren’t off-putting to those with sensitives about leather. What is most remarkable is that the fragrance, named FendiFrenesia, stays with the leather for up to three years – a technique that the perfumer modernised from 12th century master glove maker-perfumers. Each bag also comes with a small bottle of the eau de parfum that can also be applied onto a card and slotted into the bag to refresh its application. The Nano Baguette bag version is available now.


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