Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Red Wing
Fragment Design's Hiroshi Fujiwara lends his clout to this 'Classic Moc' workboot first launced in 1952
The discreet co-branding placement of this collab
Black laces and stitching are employed to match the chrome leather
A pair retails for US$450

There’s a likelihood that Red Wing boots aren’t on your fashion radar. Heck, even if they are the sort of footwear you vouch for, there is still little reason to get a new one until the last pair has busted beyond repair. That said, kudos to Red Wing for churning out this reliable workman’s staple for over the last century and it has never ceased to lose its demand like a good ol’ pair of denims. Now, the all-American label is seeking some serious clout with the cool kids with a collab that’s on the right side of Red Wing’s history. Enter Fragment Design, the Japanese label led by streetwear OG Hiroshi Fujiwara. This collab centres on a single pair of classic footwear that Red Wing has been making since 1952 and it considers this as one of its bread and butter: the Classic Moc. Fragment Design’s favouring of a Batman-level of black is cleverly tapped for this 4679 Moc Toe design – meaning it pairs well with the fashion label’s wares – cloaking the six-inch workboot with a black-as-night chrome leather with similar coloured stitching and laces. And like everything humble about a pair of workboot, the co-branding is too with the embossing of both brand names on the upper shaft of the boot. How much will this retail for? US$450. But this is chump change because it will be a good period of time before you might find another pair that will provide durability and clout in a single serving.

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