REMEMBER WHEN 1999 WAS COOL: K-Swiss x The Matrix
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of K-Swiss
This collab marks the 20th anniversary of the film's debut and is a precursor to the fourth film in the franchise set for a 2021 release date
The slides feature the green binary codes made famous in the film
Based on the 'Classic 2000' silhouette, these sneakers in black leather champion the same colour codes of 'The Matrix'
The sneaker features a debossed effect of the film's famed binary codes

For those who are feeling that we can’t have Matrix 4 merch fast enough before the film’s 2021 release date, there are also these to quash your fanboy needs in the short term. Coined The Matrix Code, K-Swiss isn’t dropping hints at the next instalment of The Matrix but is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first film that made fast-moving binary code graphics look cool. The print has been translated onto two K-Swiss silhouettes, the K-Slide and the Classic 2000. Whilst the former features the famous binary code visuals on a pair of slides, the latter goes one step further by debossing it on black leather. There is even a cool film reference applied onto the laces with a red and blue aglet that symbolises the pills that Morpheus offered to Neo. No word yet if wearing these will allow you to dodge bullets in a super-cool fashion though. The pair will be launched on December 31.

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