Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Fabergé
The silk scarf measures 120x120cm
Gary James McQueen utilised iconic Fabergé jewellery as part of his silk scarf print
Gary James McQueen created several icons for his uncle Alexander McQueen's fashion arm, including the iconic 'Chrome Skulls' motif

Gary James McQueen played an instrumental role in his late uncle Alexander McQueen’s prominence in the fashion world. His contributions, however, might not be obvious to many. Between 2005 and 2010, Gary’s key contribution is still one of the most important visual assets of the McQueen fashion arm. As the former head of textile design at McQueen, he helped to develop prints that could work as optical illusions on textile and iconic graphics such as the Chrome Skull art work from the spring-summer 2009 invitation. Today, Gary James hasn’t lost his touch in carrying forth his uncle’s legacy albeit dishing out new silk scarf creations independently from his namesake label. One of his latest comes in the form of an unlikely collab with jeweller Fabergé. Originally designed as a gift for VIP clientele, the result received such fanfare that they collectively decided to give the English-made silk scarves and pocket squares a more publicised release. In the design, Gary included several depictions of Fabergé’s jewels – ladybirds, rose gold pendants, clover motifs – in an ornate setting which is reminiscent of its regal pre-revolutionary Russia lineage. Keen observers will also notice the floral motifs converging into an egg silhouette in the middle of the scarf, symbolising the most iconic creation from the house. Fabergé has only commissioned an extra 150 scarves to be sold with each retailing for £450 (US$585).

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