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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Super Smalls
The 'Happy Hour' bracelet set features multicolored 'rainbow' elastic bracelets
The 'Happy Hour' bracelet retails for US$29
'Power Lunch' ring set includes a pink heart-shaped ring, light blue solitaire ring with gems, yellow daisy ring, 'diamond' ring with gems and a sapphire ring
The 'Power Lunch' ring set retails for US$27

Most parents have been in this scenario one time or another: one of your kids is borrowing your prized heirloom jewellery again. No, we don’t mean those old enough to make their own living but rather those young enough to not know what a diamond is except that it sparkles and princesses wear sparkly things. Now, Super Smalls is a new jewellery brand that is making serious bling replicas for kids from ages four and up without the soul-crushing price tags. They look real enough that even at a quick glance you might be fooled into thinking that your kid rummaged through the jewellery box again. Created by fashion consultant Maria Dueñas Jacobs, these jewellery replicas for your mini me are also great educational tools as they feature a variety of colours and cuts that kids can be thought to identify. Don’t be surprised that she starts adopting more expensive tastes than you do.

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