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ONE REASON '78 WAS A GREAT YEAR: Hermès' Arceau 78
Text by Kee | Photo by Jeff Ip
Designed by a legend in the Hermès ranks, Henri d’Origny
The 'Arceau 78' features a raw sandblasted bezel and rugged anthracite dial

Many great things happened in 1978 that until today they continue to impact our lives: the first Star Wars movie, men favoured turtlenecks, Amal Clooney was born. Then there was this, the Arceau, which was designed by Hermès legend Henri d’Origny, who pretty much created a good majority of the best-selling house codes we have come to love today. This version with a tribute year pegged to it pays homage to that four decade-long pedigree of the design which has stood the test of time. The unique stirrup-shaped lugs, elegant round case, and its Holy Grail-level leather strap still feature. What longtime fans would get a treat from is the understated way in which they have paired the texture of metal with the shiny stainless steel lugs holding its own against the raw sandblasted bezel and rugged anthracite dial. The crazy thing is, you might still be favouring this wristwatch another four decades from now.

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