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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Planet Beyond
These Bluetooth-enabled earbud attachments are made of scrap metal
The attachments are available in motifs inspired by sunrays, shooting stars, and leaves
The attachments are available in motifs inspired by sunrays, shooting stars, and leaves
The three different attachments are available in gold, silver or gunmetal finishes

Believe it or not, wireless listening devices like earbuds are the future of how we feed audio to our ears whilst on the move or otherwise. But if you think we’re lacking of proper options other than Apple’s 1.0 iteration and its so-called sequel, then think again. Planet Beyond is the new tech firm creating earbuds that don’t just look like sculptural jewellery but they also answer the call of upcycling – something that big box brands in this field haven’t warmed up to. These lightweight Bluetooth-enabled earbuds are made from recycled metals but don’t look like they’ve been remade from scrap metal at the junkyard. That’s because the designs are, well, on-point as Planet Beyond has also sought out the advice of professional jewellers in refining its aesthetics which explains the ear cuff-inspired accessory add-ons. How this fashionable portion works is that wearers get to attach an extra piece that runs just under the helix. There are three accessorising motifs to choose from – sunrays, shooting stars, and leaves – all linking up to the theme of Mother Nature. Each shell-inspired earbud is equipped with a battery life of up to 4.5 Hours and only takes an hour to charge. Expect to fork out US$115 for the earbud – available in gold, silver or gunmetal finishes – and US$55 for the additional accessory.



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