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WHAT WRITING A HIT TUNE CAN BUY: Richard Mille's RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Richard Mille
The dial features an astronaut helmet with a reflection of Mars and Earth on the visor
The dial is inspired by Pharrell Williams' fascination of outer space
Large inserts of a starlit sky-like aventurine glass is visible from the case back
Pharrell Williams has been a long-time fan of Richard Mille wristwatches

Even you’ve got to admit that Pharrell Williams isn’t like the rest of us. For starters, no 46-year-old looks like he has halted the ageing process for the last two decades. And he also singlehandedly started global movements just by wearing an oversized hat and singing about being happy. The multi-hyphenate hasn’t stopped reinventing himself in today’s pop culture terms, from a landmark Chanel collab to an N.E.R.D. reunification to organising his own annual music and cultural festival. And if you amount up all the other side deals he has – he is the co-owner of fashion labels G-Star Raw, Billionaire Boys Club, and Ice Cream, just to name a few – the music and fashion mogul hasn’t stopped churning out newness at every turn. That brings us to the wristwatch community in which Williams has been a walking advertisement for Richard Mille since he traded up from his early Audemars Piguet days (as well as being one of the early recipients of an Apple Watch). But after several years of devotion to this particular tonneau-shaped wristwatch, Williams has been blessed with his very own edition that only a few other big-time personalities have been honoured with namely Sylvester Stallone, Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, and Rafael Nadal. But does a Pharrell Williams wristwatch look like since his preferences and creativity move at lightning speed? Think outer space which is also where we speculate the singer would probably feel the most at home. His chosen planet? Well, Mars of course. Based on this simple idea and his soft spot for Star Trek, Richard Mille has helped to create a not-so-simple tourbillon wristwatch that houses a manual-winding RM 052 calibre. The result as you can see is an astronaut looking back at Earth from Mars – and you’re looking right at the astronaut and the mirrored reflection of this view from his curved gold visor. Flip to the case back and there is a slab of aventurine glass that mimics the vastness of space with its mesmerising mineral-speckled blue. As usual, plenty of complex handiwork went into the creation of the dial ranging from the miniature painting of the grade 5 titanium helmet to the gem-setting of diamonds and black sapphires to the handpainting and enamelling of the key scenery. Only 30 pieces are available of this watchmaking mind trip and with a retail price of roughly four tickets on the Virgin Galactic. No word if paying for this means we get to halt the ageing process too.

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