Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Away
This is Serena Williams first suitcase collab
The interior features a multi-coloured camo print
The softshell luggage can be expanded further to fit more items
The luggage tag can be personalised with the owner's initials

Serena Williams is known for many things, namely being a world tennis champion, a fashion and jewellery designer, Meghan Markle’s bestie, and one heck of a good mom. Now, she can add luggage designer into the mix with a new soft and hardshell suitcase collab with Away. And trust this 38-year-old to know what a good luggage is, considering that she has lived out of one for a good part of her career. Featuring a bold rouge hue – simply because you can spot it instantly on the luggage belt – it is what is on the inside that has Williams’ personal touch. The interior flaunts a trendy version of a camo print which she has requested to include just because it makes her happy to look at it. Available in four sizes to suit your personal needs, the softshell versions can even be expanded further to squeeze in those extra buys. And that’s not all; the carry-on versions are packed with a built-in battery pack to ensure your mobile devices have enough juice whilst on the move. The suitcases retail from US$325 and you can expect Williams to send Markle more than a few too.

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