NO PHONE COVER NECESSARY: Thom Browne for Samsung
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Samsung
The 'Galaxy Z Flip' will officially launch in March
Sold as a set, this retails for a whopping US$2,480
The 'Galaxy Watch Active2' features a customised Thom Browne dial
Thom Browne

Remember when Prada launched an LG smartphone collaboration in 2007, six months before the first iPhone? Or when Giorgio Armani launched one with Samsung a few months after Apple did in that same period? Well, you probably don’t recall as Apple bested everyone else but to be fair we’re changing our mobile devices more often than we do with our toothbrushes. While you might not remember fashion’s early moves to conquer the mobile phone landscape, these pioneers have inadvertently paved the way for today’s fashion designers to attempt another try at the competitive segment beyond the idea of just launching a trendy phone protective case. Enter Thom Browne, the American tailoring marvel who has changed the suiting game for men and women since launching in 2001 – to the extent that Ermenegildo Zegna bought a majority stake in 2018. Thanks to this new financial backing, Thom Browne is now raising the level of its branding with its first-ever product collaboration with Samsung. Announced in early February at the same time as Samsung’s unveiling of its new flip phone, Galaxy Z Flip, Thom Browne’s role in the Korean label’s new gadget line-up is a special limited run of the designer’s signature matte grey tone and striped graphic on the aforementioned flip phone as well as the Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy Watch Active2. The entire series is sold as a set and retails for a breathtaking US$2,480. So, good news for those who change their phone covers too often – this rakish model might help you kick the habit for the mean time.

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