Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Diesel
Upcycled sweatshirt with denim collar and upcycled hoodie with denim inserts
Upcycled check shirt with denim trims
Upcycled Polo shirt
Upcycled T-shirts
Upcycled coach jackets in denim fabric
Upcycled parka in denim fabric
Upcycled jumpsuit and matching denim shorts, and upcycled anorak shirt
Upcycled shirt with coloured print and upcycled T-shirt with patches

This upcycling label named 55DSL (pronounced as fifty-five DSL) was first created by Diesel in 1994 before it shuttered in 2014. But we’ve learnt never to rule out comebacks just because some ideas were way ahead of its time. Lo and behold, Diesel has taken the brave step to resurrect 55DSL in 2020 to address the talk on sustainability and wastage in fashion. 55DSL’s concept relies on reusing scrap material and used products and turning them into something completely new and innovative. Think of it as creative fabric collages, ranging from patchworked denim jackets to a hoodie made from a sweatshirt and a jacket. Needless to say, each garment takes on a unique hands-on approach with only limited quantities made for each design. They are even packaged inside a recycled plastic packaging to keep in-line with the brand’s spirit. And if you have any doubts about the finished article, each comes with a QR code that allows you to trace the entire garment manufacturing process so as to be clear about its transparency. Yes, some comebacks are this awesome.

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