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EVEN JAMES BOND HAS NO TIME TO LOSE: Omega's Seamaster 007 Edition
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Omega
Daniel Craig on 'Saturday Night Live' wearing his Omega wristwatch
The 'Seamaster 007 Edition' comes with a NATO strap
This wristwatch is also the first time that a James Bond actor is collaborating on a wristwatch for the film

Having battled and been on the winning end against several super villians, not even James Bond can be spared from the cornavirus pandemic sweeping the globe. No Time to Die – the 25th 007 film and Daniel Craig’s swansong as the super spy – has seen its premiere date pushed back to November, just one of many troubles that has plauged the film since specualation mounted that we might have a new 007 soon. That said, fans can stil be thankful that 007 merch is still going strong with the latest Omega wristwatch that's not missing a beat when it comes to its launch date – its ninth screen appearance in the James Bond franchise this. That means, you still can get your hands on one today and then flex it come November. While we have witnessed the many awesome features packed inside an on-screen James Bond wristwatch – a homing device tracker, remote detonator, grappling hook, built-in explosive charge, laser cutter, miniature saw – the real item is anything but lethal. In fact, the licensed wristwatches are only guilty of killing via its good looks. But if all the marketing spiel rings true, then this version is undoubtedly the best Bond release under the Omega branding, in spite of virus an film production troubles. After all, Craig supposedly chipped in with his two cents on what a Seamaster wristwatch should be like for this film: slim enough to fit under the cuff, lightweight enough for a man on the move, and a touch of retro for those feel good throwback vibes. Omega listened with a case that measures only 13.5mm thin, with an easy-on-the-wrist titanium case, and vintage feels courtesy of a domed sapphire crystal and brown accents on the dial, bezel, and NATO-style strap (the wristwatch is also available on a Milanese bracelet). The only hint to the movie’s plot might be the inclusion of an arrow at 6 o’clock and on the closed case back. It is a common feature on vintage military wristwatches as well as standard issue items from the British government. Lastly, you don’t have to clamour to be on a waiting list for this as Omega isn’t limiting production numbers.

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