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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Mr. Porter
'Turbine' by Rapport London (available at
'Optima Time Capsule' watch winder by Rapport London (available at
'Planet' by Bernard Favre
'Crown Winder' by Bernard Favre
'Masterbox' by SwissKubik
'Windsor' by Wolf
'Memento Mori' by Wolf

How do you know you require a watch winder? For starters, you simply need to own a self-winding wristwatch – just one will suffice. While this sounds like a logical buy for any mechanical wristwatch owner, it takes a true connoisseur to understand a real need for one. After all, if you’re wearing that same watch on the daily, why do you need an external device to help you wind it? The truth is, entry-level modern day watch winders are beginning to look like art objects you want to flaunt on your desk alongside your die-cast model cars and futuristic looking speakers. Watch winder designs have departed from the days of being just soul-less watch safes with a mechanical system to interact with the wristwatch’s heartbeat and prevent the oils on the movement from coagulating. Flip through the deck above and you'll see they're looking like every alpha male's horological KitchenAid.

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