'CAUSE YOU'VE GOT 20/20 VISION ABOUT REAL FACE INK: Arnette x Post Malone's Tattoo Collection
Text by Kee | Photo courtesy of Arnette
Post Malone confessed that his initial reason for getting face tattoos was because of his insecurities
This pair features the words "always" and "tired" in the same curvise fonts as Post Malone's face ink
This 'Tattoo' collection with Arnette is a follow-up to last year's collab on eco-friendly shades
This pair features the words "stay away" in the same curvise fonts as Post Malone's face ink

We’ve got to admit, getting face ink requires serious balls. Just ask Mike Tyson, Post Malone, and its latest inductee, Presley Gerber. But if there’s anyone who can take those societal-challenging tattoos and turn it into fashion gold, it would have to be Post Malone. After all, the 24-year-old singer has also convinced the fashion set that you can sell out a collection of Crocs within minutes – twice. Collaborating with Arnette on a four-piece sunglass collection – his second with Arnette following last year’s eco-friendly collection – the Psycho singer’s signature face tattoos make a cameo on the lenses of these sunnies and are written in the same cursive fonts. Two phrases are made available and are positioned strategically on the lenses as a nod to the actual positions of the tattoos with “stay away” on the upper corner on one pair and “always” and “tired” at the bottom of each lens on the other. And if these end up as a test for you to get real face ink, hey, at least you can admit it wasn't a spur of the moment drunk-in-Vegas decision.

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