Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of BAPE
Pingu's profile replaces the familiar shark-themed hoodies for BAPE
BAPE x Pingu tee featuring a co-branded logo
A Pingu-dressed Baby Milo character makes a cameo on a line of kidswear merch
Screenshots of the Pingu animation form the filling of the BAPE logo on this sweatshirt

Before the Penguins of Madagascar and Happy Feet’s Mumble hit pay dirt, there was Pingu the stop motion animation plasticine-made penguin that first debuted on Swiss TV in 1984 which helped popularise the idea that penguins make cute cartoon characters too. But whilst Pingu has been a fan favourite in kids programming, it never did translate into decent merch like its peers Donald, Tweety, and even Big Bird. But now, Pingu’s getting some serious street cred in a collaboration with BAPE, the streetwear label that just gave us similar nostalgia-driven tie-ups with Sesame Street and Care Bears. Expect Pingu’s print to take up real estate on streetwear staples that BAPE is known for, including the signature shark-themed hoodie and a kidswear line with BAPE’s Baby Milo. And if you were wondering why this collab makes any sense now, well, for starters it will put a smile onto faces.

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