SOCIAL DISTANCING BUT WITH MUSIC: Montblanc's MB 01 Wireless Headphones
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Montblanc
The 'MB01' is made of aluminum, silicone and leather and weighs only 280g
Additional features include Google Assistant and active noise cancelling
The headphones were engineered by respected industry leader Alex Rosson

Before anti-social behaviour was even an acceptable norm, adapting headphones into your personal style game was akin to wearing a Do Not Disturb sign during your daily commute. Whilst others know you’re enjoying your curated list of beats, there’s also a cool nod to your taste when you’re flexing branded versions that we all know don’t come cheap. But even when it comes to audio wares, flaunting the same pair as another self-professed cool dude is a reality check that audiophiles have got to live with. Well, until now. Montblanc’s entry into the audio tech game may be a surprise to some but if you’ve been paying attention to its non-fountain pen related releases as of late, you know it plans to kit your entire wardrobe by the end of this lifetime. Named the MB 01, these wireless headphones are as cool as it gets. Engineered by Alex Rosson – he was the founder of Audeze before exiting in 2015 to start Rosson Audio Design – Montblanc’s got a fast pass in premium audio hardware that even purists can see isn’t just made with good looks in mind. That said, the noise-cancelling headphones – offered in black and dark chrome, pure grey and light chrome, or dark brown and gold – look just as rich as its US$595 price tag. They are crafted from aluminium and feature soft fine leather and silicone. In addition, the headphones also support Google Assistant which means music-loving busy bees can now multi-task whilst on the move.


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