BADGALRIRI DOES GOOD: Fenty’s Faux Leather Capsule Collection
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Fenty
Faux leather corset dress
Faux leather oversized shirt
Faux leather hoodies and baggy pants
Faux leather oversized shirt and baggy pants
Faux leather oversized shirt and corset skirt

We have all come to acknowledge by now that Rihanna, the Queen that she is, is the only one who can save us all. In between donating millions to the fight against Covid-19 – we lost count at US$6 million – and soothing our souls with news that she has little news about her own music news, she has also launched a collection of faux leather pieces for Fenty as a hint that she doesn’t need to use real leather to entice anyone to fork out a grand for a vegan leather hoodie or US$630 for an oversized shirt in the same animal-saving material. But that’s not to take away the genius in timing and style that this capsule collection offers. Inspired by photographer Irving Penn’s Small Trades – an intimate portrait series featuring the humble working man and his/her uniform – Fenty has built a design dialogue around these faux leather pieces as the foundation of one’s dressing, regardless of race, occupation and stature. The silhouettes are loose and oversized, capturing the kind of fit that this version of mogul Rihanna is familiar with. And we don’t have to remind you what a godsend it is to wear leather of such comfort (try Googling Ross Geller and his leather pants). If some of the cuts such as the corset dress looks familiar that’s because Fenty has launched it in denim in its debut season – a dress that Rihanna hawked the hell out of in public. Seven pieces are available in jet black or café latte – and plenty of animals have been saved in the process. Keep it up, Goodgalriri.

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