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POSSIBLY JAMES BOND'S HOLIDAY WATCH: Omega's Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Chronograph
Text by Kee | Photo by Jeff Ip
This wristwatch boasts a water resistance of up to 600 metres

They can’t blame you for consistently picking up a wristwatch that isn’t showing mechanical fortitude only because those storied watchmakers have never consistently catered to those with, well, a fashion sense. More often than not, guys have to jostle between the usual uneventful colours until uncompromising rakes started looking for NATO straps in a variety of colourways that resemble school orientation outfit ideas. Now, the likes of Omega are making preppy options that hint that they get it too. This version of the Seamaster Planet Ocean is sporting colours that used to only appear on a baller’s hype basketball sneakers. A stark greyish titanium dial is contrasted with cameos of lively orange accents ranging from the indexes to the ceramic bezel to the pushers to the five-striped NATO strap. Now, you’ve got a real fashion week-type of a wristwatch.

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