Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Gentle Monster
This is the first design collab between Blackpink's Jenni and Gentle Monster
'Kuku 01' frames with oversized chain
'1996 C1' frames with oversized chain
The collection is available from April 21
'In the Mood 02' optical frames

If you needed an ounce of street cred in life to impress anyone considered as a Gen Z in your household, you can do no better than to name drop the cult of K-Pop super girl group Blackpink. Jenni, Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo are four of the lucky gals with a so-called youth-centric fan base of Blinks that can rival the headcount of most armies around the world. And don’t just take our word for it; plenty of high fashion and high street labels have willingly outfitted them so as to form an early impression with a crowd that might not have gotten their first pay cheque yet. Such is their celeb-dom and influence that collabs aren’t out of the question either. One of the first to do so in a global manner is Jenni, who was also the first member within the group to release solo music just a couple of years ago with a hit single named, well, Solo. This collab, named Jentle Home, is inspired by her childhood memories of teddy bears and doll houses. While the design link may be flimsy at best, the street cred isn’t. From pink gradient lenses to clear rectangular acetate frames to an oversized tortoise shell frame, Jenni has at least approved designs that aren’t pandering to current trends but are resoundingly honest to her taste. What does fit into the trending category, however, are the exaggerated eyewear chains ranging from a chain necklace combi to an oversized black metal chain. And as the press release reinstates, the eyewear is about a “sentimental experience that brings our own fantasies to life, while reminding us of our own innocent dreams and hopes that we often forget and lose.” It also reminds us it is time to go out for some fresh air and sunshine again.

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