A VIRAL TEE AGAINST THE VIRUS: Supreme’s Covid-19 Relief Fund Box Logo Tee
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Supreme
This 'Box Logo' tee features original art work by Takashi Murakami
The tee retails for US$60 and 100% of proceeds go to Help USA
The tee launches on April 24

The cynic in you is probably wondering: “Why do I need a hype-friendly Supreme Box Logo tee right now in pandemic season?” Well, that’s because this version is the one that Supreme gives back during a time in which shoppers can’t even camp out for days with a pee bag to grab any grail-level Supreme drop to speak of. The tee we’re talking about involves some original art work by Japanese artist and beloved streetwear inductee Takashi Murakami which by now requires no explanation – a similar premise of how a red bar across the chest with a white Supreme wording is worth a decent chunk of change in the streetwear community. But get this, this latest drop is actually worth your attention for one big reason: 100% of the proceeds of the US$60 you’re forking out for actually goes to the Andrew Cuomo-founded Help USA which aims to better the lives of homeless youths, veterans, and families in the U.S. And do the math as to how much it would cost to print and ship a basic cotton tee which means Help USA should be expecting a decent cheque come this weekend. Supreme hasn’t unveiled if this would be a limited drop when it does so on April 24 (Friday) though availability is only restricted to U.S. and Canada-located buyers. But just do yourself a favour and try not to pick this up from a flipper.    

UPPDATE [May 5]: The collab raised over US$1 million for Help USA.


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