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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of MB&F
The 'HM10 Bulldog' is available in red gold or red gold and titanium
The paper-thin domes indicating hours and minutes are made from solid aluminium
Maximilian Büsser's design of the 'HM10 Bulldog' was inspired on his trip to Japan where he saw a pup greeting its owner
The mechanical teeth visible from the case back acts as a power reserve indicator

How many times have you looked at man’s best friend and realised that it would make a cool idea for a wristwatch that could retail for well over a hundred grand? Maximilian Büsser claims true story on this matter – and he needed only that one occasion in Japan when he saw an all-for-loyalty pup greet its owner to spark an idea for the HM10 Bulldog. Truth be told, this mechanical beast wasn’t built for laggards of his offbeat brand of fine watchmaking. HM10 Bulldog is his version of a thank you letter to loyalists who have no qualms about forking out astronomical sums for a wristwatch knowing full well that it is more than the annual salary of the average folk. That said, none of his Horological Machines were designed for the average folk either. Büsser’s creation of numerous popular features throughout the years has been amassed in a single wristwatch. Think of it as a greatest hits compilation album: the large suspended balance and the sapphire crystal dome of the Legacy Machine, aluminium paper-thin domes forming separate time displays as seen on the HM3 Frog, articulated lugs perfected with the HM7 Aquapod, and a case shape that you can pinpoint to that one-off passion project with Urwerk’s Felix Baumgartner on the C3H5N309. While the parallels are aplenty, the one glorious addition is perhaps the most hidden. On the underside of the wristwatch features a miniaturised set of shiny metal canine teeth that even Jaws would approve of. Now, this isn’t just a vanity inclusion to satisfy oral fetishes and pander towards dentistry types; MB&F has fashioned the set to be a glorified power reserve indicator. When the jaws are closing, it means that the 45-hour storage that the manual-winding engine is capable of housing is about to run out (one of the two dog collar-like crowns is allocated to winding the movement). Only two versions are available, one in titanium and another in red gold and titanium (both measuring 45mm across and 54mm from nose to tail). Well, at least we know who let this dog out.


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