Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Etsy
Crocheted lace and leather stones
Altuzarra has upcycled fabric from the spring-summer 2016 collection
Woven baskets by Nuni Yavnai
Pottery by Sara Paloma
Handmade rope coasters
Slip-free dog bed

If you’ve been stuck in a home office like the rest of us, you’ve probably found enough time to learn new life skills like baking Cake Boss-level cakes and maybe even realise that your entire living space décor sensibilities was just a lie. Good news if it’s the latter because fashion designer Joseph Alturazza has teamed up with beloved online arts and crafts marketplace Etsy for a collaboration of homeware and interior décor that should turn your cosy crib into a legit designer showroom you spot on the pages of a glossy magazine. Built around Alturazza’s good taste and penchant for sustainability, the collection even features repurposed tie-dye fabric from his spring-summer 2016 collection in the form of throw pillows and notebooks. The best part is that each item – whether it is clay pottery by Sara Paloma or crocheted lace and leather stones by Monica Johnson – has its own distinct personality thanks to their handmade nature. Don’t be surprise if you need more convincing in leaving these cosy quarters again post-pandemic.

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