YOUR ONE-DAY NOTICE: Prada’s Timecapsule “May” Shirt
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Prada
The 'Timecapsule' series is a monthly drop from Prada featuring limited edition items
This bowling shirt featuring a futuristic racing stripe
The packaging is also numbered

Not since Charlie Sheen made a decent living from wearing a serious rotation of seasonless bowling shirts on Two and a Half Men have you needed a reason to really flex one – not even when you’re at the bowling alley scoring strikes like a pro. Even back then with the millions that Sheen was raking in, he didn’t flaunt a version that can match the uptick in swag underscored in every inch of this latest Prada-made variant. You also can’t help but to think this is that new money shirt Vin Diesel should be trading in his crusty ol’ tank tops for during any opening sequence of the Fast franchise. In no relation to the aforementioned, the on-point camp collar here is lined with eye-catching racing stripes coupled with a track-like motif on the front and back panels. One other thing that stands out though is the word May positioned on the triangular Prada shield at the back of the poplin top. It is a reference to the date of its drop (May 7) or maybe as a cheeky hint that you may not get your hands on one of the 50 pieces to be launched online for only a 24-hour period. Go on now, set an alarm and good luck.

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