EYEWEAR'S 2020 SWERVE: Gucci’s Online-Exclusive Limited Edition Eyewear
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Gucci
The sunglasses come with its own special packaging: a pink velvet and red case and a red carry pouch
Square framed sunglasses in black acetate
Square framed sunglasses with a gold-toned metal construction
Square framed sunglasses in black acetate
Square framed sunglasses in yellow and brown acetate
Square framed sunglasses in yellow and brown acetate

Let’s be honest, unless you’re a newbie to the eyewear game, you probably own all the trendy and iconic frames that should have you flexing a fresh pair every other day of the month. And while we might be taking a wild guess here but chances are you probably don’t have anything close to these Gucci remixes in your extensive collection. Fashioned like those fun oversized retro frames, these online-exclusive models are attached with dangling earrings on the temples mimicking the idea that the owner is truly swinging a pair. These charms are also interchangeable which means you’re able to accessorise this accessory as you please too. There are six versions to choose from and are limited to 100 examples per pair.

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