PROBABLY NOT THE LAST: Michael Jordan’s 1985 Grail Sneakers
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Sotheby's
Michael Jordan's 1985 'Air Jordan 1' fetched US$560,000 in auction
Michael Jordan wore mismatched shoe sizes during his playing days
The high-tops feature Michael Jordan's signature

If you’re already flipping out that anyone would pay up to US$100 for a pair of sneakers today, then it’s best to hit the backspace right about now. On May 17, one person forked out a jaw-dropping US$560,000 for Michael Jordan’s autographed game-worn Air Jordan 1 from 1985, making it the most expensive kicks of all time as well as reaffirming the GOAT status of the player Nike made those shoes for. Clad in the red, black and white colourways of the Chicago Bulls, what is special about these are the mismatched sizes: 13 for the left and 13.5 for the right. And it’s hard to argue that these models were the OGs that helped to mould sneaker culture today of which Air Jordan brand is also celebrating its 35th anniversary. But everything comes at a good timing too. The Sotheby’s auction took place on day of the finale of the critically acclaimed The Last Dance documentary by ESPN that chronicled Jordan and the Chicago Bulls team that dominated basketball in the ‘90s. The appropriately named Jordan Geller (founder of sneaker museum Shoezeum) was the owner of these 1985 sneakers and put it up for auction after he watched the documentary. In no coincidence, Geller was also the owner of the Nike Moon Shoe that auctioned for US$437,500 last year. And you thought keeping used shoes doesn't pay.

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