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THE ONE WITH THE MADONNA STORY: Stephen Webster's CH2 Collection
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Stephen Webster
CH2 cocktail ring in white gold with turqoise and diamonds
CH2 'Stiletto' earings and 'Shard' pendant necklace in white gold with turqoise and diamonds
CH2 'Shard' hoops in white gold with turqoise and diamonds
CH2 'Slimline' ring in white gold with turqoise and diamonds
CH2 'Cuff' earrings in white gold with turqoise and diamonds

Those who know the backstory of British jeweller Stephen Webster would admit that his Crystal Haze collection in the ‘90s became a game-changer in jewellery design and for cocktail rings. For starters, it was a chunky ring for women that advocated a rebelliously-cut stone as fine jewellery. It often features a natural clear quartz bonded above a precious stone, acting as a magnifying glass of sorts and creating a mystical prism effect thanks to the facets of the upper layer. According to the designer, none of his peers were having it at that time until Madonna bought one for herself which heralded a new attitude to the technique and impression of quartz. It was also viewed that women were now buying jewellery for themselves for a change rather than wait for men to do so. Now Webster is relooking at this idea conceived 25 years ago by coming up with an official sequel to that collection, named CH2. Call this a 2020 update if you must. Webster has classed up his rings, earrings, necklaces and bangles with the inclusion of baguette-cut gems. One thing’s for sure, women will still be picking these up without any man’s permission.


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