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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Cartier
'Maillon de Cartier' in rose gold, yellow gold or white gold with diamonds
'Maillon de Cartier' in white gold with diamonds
'Maillon de Cartier' in rose gold
'Maillon de Cartier' in yellow gold with diamonds
A detailed look at the new links of the 'Maillon de Cartier'

If you take a good look around the watchmaking landscape as of late, watchmakers aren’t just figuring out what this new decade of wristwear should look like. They’re also updating bracelet designs which is arguably a thankless job in the art of watchmaking. After all, how many big names have been credited in creating popular links? It would be like thanking Ringo Starr for every Beatles hit song or Victoria Beckham for legitimising the Spice Girls. That said, watchmakers are now taking a different outlook to this link game. The good ones want their own special metal that just by looking at it, you’re able to identify the brand that created it. Think Rolex’s Oyster and Jubilee bracelets or even Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak bracelet as examples of such marketing and design finesse. Some good news on that front is that the winning metal link design has arguably been made and already available in 2020, championed by the same house that prospers from longstanding bracelet-leading icons such as the Love and Juste un Clou. Cartier has introduced Maillon de Cartier, which at a quick glance appears to signal the millions of dollars it plans to rake in for just this venture (maillon means link in French). The result is sexy with a non-linear link that is joined together in a different manner from traditional means, without sacrificing the softness of the metal that wraps your wrist. The edges of the bracelet are also left uneven, perhaps hinting at its wearer’s rough around the edges backstory. Available in three shades of gold (with the option of diamonds), the Maillon de Cartier is unapologetic in being on the heavier side in weight and in price (the starting price is said to be in the region of US$25,100). That’s just the value of real swag in 2020.

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