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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Bell & Ross
The 'BR 03-92 HUD' is limited to 999 pieces
The 'BR 03-92 HUD' features a neon green sapphire crystal
The 'BR 03-92 HUD' flaunts an eye-catching lume capability

Okay, so you’re not a fighter pilot but you’ve still got a swanky new car with something called a HUD, also known as a head-up display which means you probably understand why you need this wristwatch right away. For starters, the HUD is a device first used by the military so as to give pilots immediate information displayed on the windshield without them having to look away from their line of sight (similarly some latest automobiles flaunt a road map version too). Such cool tech isn’t in this Bell & Ross wristwatch – it just tells the date and time, sorry – but you get the drift. The watchmaker, who is known for its cockpit instrument-inspired wristwatches, has drawn on what it does best in an homage to the military version of the HUD. And it’s something you’ve probably not experienced since you last wore a pair of pop colour tinted shades whilst trying to read the time on your wrist. Based on the BR 03-92 models that are known for their eye-catching lume capabilities enter this addition that reps the same rave-friendly idea albeit with a neon green sapphire crystal that mimics the military tech that fighter pilots and even ground troops would be familiar with. Another cool throwback is the way Bell & Ross has reintroduced the beloved Bi-Compass model first launched in 2019, which is popular for its central disc that pinpoints the hour. Only 999 pieces will be made for this series but you can probably expect tinted sapphire to be big news in the next gen of timekeepers.

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