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GET THE "F" OUT: Fendi's FF Earrings
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Fendi
Two earrings can be worn on the same ear to create the iconic 'FF Logo' of Fendi
The earrings are optioned in tortoiseshell and even one that is transparent
The 'FF Logo' can also be worn seperately
The clever positioning of studs allows the earrings to be combined for wear on a single ear

The only reason you’re buying lettered jewellery is because flaunting one’s initials is your idea of showing self-love. Now, here’s one more letter to buy for reasons of clout: the letter F. Fendi’s iconic FF Logo has been fashioned as earrings with a special twist. You can either flaunt a single lettering for each ear or – thanks to an additional stud – be able to add an extra inverted F to create the recognisable FF Logo on one ear (buy another pair for the other ear). There are four choices to choose from such as tortoiseshell, yellow, green, and transparent.

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