Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Dior
'Bobby' was named after Monsieur Christian Dior’s pet pooch
Dior's 'Bobby' bag in Dior Oblique jacquard canvas
Dior's 'Bobby' bag in calfskin leather
Dior's 'Bobby' bag in calfskin leather

We know there are that many practical outfits you can flex on Zoom calls without looking like you’re pretending not to care. It is also during this period that you’re reworking your fits for when it’s time to head out again and chances are you’re going to rally on the trustworthy essentials to tide you through. This is where the realisation sets in that you’ve lesser staples in your game to rely on than originally thought. The good news is that Dior is already on hand to plug the gap with the launch of Bobby. This cute name is not as random as you might think. Christened as a reference to Monsieur Christian Dior’s loyal canine companion, the Bobby flap bags are intended to be just as reliable too. And they are. Available in three sizes and four colours (black, cream, camel, and a Dior Oblique canvas), Bobby’s fuss-free appearance in calfskin leather or canvas caters to every one of those moments when you’re indecisive about outfit choices. Just don’t bracket it as a classic because whilst its shape has been just on-point since the Studio 54 era, the gold-finished hardware including the CD initials on the buckle are fashioned for the now.

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