Text by Manifesto | Photos courtesy of Kenzo
Vans 'Old-Skool' and 'Sk8-Hi' sneakers wrapped with Kenzo's floral print
Baptista’s first capsule collection for Kenzo
Vans 'Old-Skool' sneakers wrapped with Kenzo's floral print
photographer Ari Marcopoulos shot seven real-life skaters and friends in Los Angeles including Tre’Veon Ladson, Tyron Watts, Vincent Nava, and Omoye Brown
Vans 'Sk8-Hi' sneakers wrapped with Kenzo's floral print
Limited skateboard deck in collaboration with The Skateroom
Vans 'Old-Skool' and 'Sk8-Hi' sneakers wrapped with Kenzo's floral print

Remember that summer in 2012 when Kenzo had a short-term fling with Vans? Well, eight years later and a sequel to that crowd favourite floral-friendly collection is back in full swing. This second collaboration also marks designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista’s first collab work under the Kenzo brand he joined last July and it returns at the right time when humanity needs some new wares to return smiles to faces. This 46-piece gender-neutral collection doesn’t just reveal new takes on Vans Old-Skool and Sk8-Hi sneakers wrapped with Kenzo’s archival floral prints; Baptista has illustrated T-shirt and hoodies, denim trucker jackets, high-waisted cargo trousers, raincoats, and backpacks, amongst others. There is even a collector’s skater deck made in collaboration with The Skateroom that will see 100 per cent of all profits donated to a social skate project to empower at-risk youth in Jamaica. The collection launches on June 17.

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