Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Berluti
The Berluti 'Beach Buggy' is a custom vehicle base on the 'Meyers Max' from the '60s
The buggy houses an air-cooled 1600cc engine with 90 horsepower
Several fixtures of the vehicle feature Berluti's iconic Venezia leather
The 'Signature' canvas created by Kris Van Assche is features prominently on the vehicle and is inspired by the same prints that debuted in the fashion house's winter 2020 collection

You might not be easily handing over your Black Card these days for the usual splurge which means buying a car on the whim is definitely not on the 2020 agenda. But thank God for shopping loopholes because buying a beach buggy now doesn’t sound as frivolous of an idea as forking out for a fast car. (At least that’s what we tell ourselves.) If you’re none the wiser to what a beach buggy is, rest assured that what we have in mind doesn’t look like what golfer Trump rides around in at Mar-a-Lago. Thanks to Berluti and designer Kris Van Assche, you can now order a custom Meyers Max buggy that looks straight out of the laidback SoCal scene in the ‘60s. Formed in polyester, the chassis is a recognisable Volkswagen Beetle design. The Berluti touch is also an obvious one, spearheaded by the Signature canvas created by Van Assche for the winter 2020 runway. Its most obvious cameo is on the removable top of the buggy. In addition, connoisseurs of fine leather will also appreciate that the seats are lavished with the same prized Venezia leather that the fashion house uses for its beloved shoes and leather goods. Where do you bring this for a joy ride? Wherever you consider as the next adventure. Contact your local dealer for the hook up.


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