MAKE ART WHEN APART: Berluti x Brian Rochefort
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Berluti
Brian Rochefort's ceramic work as a print on a sweatshirt
Berluti's artistic director Kris Van Assche
A close-up shot of Brian Rochefort's ceramic translated onto fabric
Berluti has even translated Brian Rochefort's ceramic patterns into its signature shoe patina
Kris Van Assche is a keen admirer of Brian Rochefort's whimsical ceramic art

If you know anything about fashion designers who are also astute collectors of art, there’s a chance you’re going to learn something just by reading the notes about their clothing inspirations. Kris Van Assche is one of those designers who go further than just marvelling at his art heroes. He phones some of them up to gauge their interest in translating their work onto a fashion canvas, making them wearable for art lovers and even giving the rest of us folks a quick education on names that aren’t Warhols or Rubys. This is where Los Angeles-based ceramic artist Brian Rochefort enters the frame as part of Berluti’s take on Digital Paris Fashion Week. Van Assche, who was working from his home in Paris, used modern day communication tech (read: Zoom) to bridge the gap of distance during the current pandemic, showing that even through separation, true artists are still capable of making intellectual work. Van Assche has been a long-time admirer of Rochefort’s art which are heavily textured and colourful, some of which Van Assche identifies with the patina work at Berluti. Those not familiar with Rochefort’s work, think of a vessel overflowing with a hardened molten magma of candy-coloured fudge which he refers to as “paint cans”. By now you can guess that his his work is partially inspired by his love for volcanoes as well as exotic plants. How Van Assche translated his glazed ceramic work onto Berluti’s fine fabrics is to first photograph select work and then reworking the best angles for it to be part of a print or pattern. However, what you see here isn’t representative of the full collaboration (no thanks to the lockdown). More pieces of clothng are on the cards and the full deck will be revealed later this year before you can purchase it some time in January 2021. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.


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