Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Rimowa
'Rim Pilot' sunglasses
'Rim Pantos' sunglasses
'Rim Square Havana' sunglasses
'Bridge Square' sunglasses

You’re probably not eyeing new luggage these days as your current one has understandably nowhere to go in 2020. (Join the club.) Now, Rimowa is making its very own sunglasses in Italy, timed just after debuting collaborative pairs with Garrett Leight in March. This new side biz makes perfect sense considering that it’s always sunny somewhere around the world and ultimately your peepers need protecting when you’re making that run to point B. You’re still travelling, geddit? Rimowa has chosen to tap on eyewear styles favoured by pilots – think aviators, namely because they have been on the right side of cool since Top Gun. That said, Rimowa isn’t here to repeat formulaic designs that other eyewear makers have been lobbying for decades. Instead, it has added a few nifty touches to make it relatable for lovers of its iconic luggage such as the inclusion of a mask overlaid held together by pins on the Bridge models or the grooved metal temples on the Rim. And just to make sure these are with you on the next island getaway, Rimowa is offering them in a multitude of colourful lenses that will match the fanciest of cocktails you’re planning to order.


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