Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Crocs
The KFC x Crocs collab was first unveiled during New York Fashion Week in February
The attachments called 'Jibbitz' are said to smell like the fried chicken
The clogs riff the famous colours of the KFC bucket

By now, Crocs isn’t too bothered by all the criticism levelled at its idea of a rubber clog being considered trendy. After all, its year-on-year sales figures are on a steady ascent with millions of dollars entering its coffers each quarter which only means there is a dedicated community swearing by fashion’s de facto ugly footwear. So, at the peak of its game today, Crocs raised the bar of what it can create with its rubber clogs with an unexpected eyebrow-raising footwear collaboration with Kentucky Fried Chicken. Last seen on the feet of MLMA at New York Fashion Week earlier in February, this polarising footwear is everything you probably didn’t imagine it to be. The signature KFC red-and-white stripes fashion the outsole whilst the rest of the Classic clogs are covered in a fried chicken print, mimicking the order of a bucket of chicken at the fast food restaurant. And if it hasn’t already gotten your full attention, the co-branded footwear also comes with fried chicken-shaped Jibbitz charms to attach to the holes on the toe cap – and they smell just like the original fried chicken recipe. Because when you're already knee-deep into the development, why not? They are available on July 28 on Crocs' website but expect many to be digitally lining up for these. No, we're finger-lickin'-good serious.



Coming soon fresh out of the fryer. Put #KFCCrocs on your bucket list. Link in bio. @kfc @melovemealot

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