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Messrs Leon Cerrone and George Marshall
All profits from the sale of this collab will be donated to the Mr Porter Health In Mind Fund powered by Movember
Extra pockets feature at the back of the jerseys

You’re probably familiar with Rapha. No? Then, we’re guessing that news of this year’s Tour de France being postponed again won’t upend your day either. Just because you’re not what one would term as a hardcore cyclist – no, Lance Armstrong isn’t that moon guy – shouldn’t have you shy away from looking into wares tailored to the activity. Why? Because in the case of Rapha (it has loosely been called the Louis Vuitton of cycling clothing) its zip-up jerseys are made for the modern day overachiever and by that we mean someone wanting to make biz moves and take Zoom calls all the while peddling like a madman on the home office gym bike. The good news on this front is that Mr Porter has collaborated with Rapha on a selection of fashion-forward jerseys for more than just the crowd familiar with groin chafing. Available in cool hues of black and green that even Aquaman would endorse, the material also feels like second skin and has the ability to wick moisture which bodes well for serious workouts or just those who have the condition of breaking sweat by the second. And if you think this is the closest you’re going to get to flexing a Tony Stark-made superhero costume, you might be right. The material is also packed with an SPF50 shield for daytime protection as well as reflective piping to ensure that others acknowledge your presence at sundown. At the back of the jersey, there are also three pockets for whatever your needs are for the day – you know, like a can of energy drink or a ham sandwich. In better news, the collaboration between Mr Porter and Rapha will see all sales profits donated to the Health In Mind Fund that supports men’s health causes around the world. Go on now, wear one of these and save the world while you’re at it.



Given the increasingly atomised lives we lead, and the tendency that men often have to take on the world alone, the community spirit that runs through cycling can be a unifier; the sport itself can be something to share with friends. In that spirit, MR PORTER has joined forces with @Rapha, as well as men’s health charity @Movember, to produce a capsule collection of cycling jerseys. Tapping into Rapha’s archive, the three designs have been produced in the signature green colourway of MR PORTER’s Health In Mind initiative. All net profits from the collection will be channelled back into the Health In Mind Fund, which supports men’s mental and physical health causes around the world. Head to the link in bio to discover more about this meaningful collab. #MRPORTERHealthInMind

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