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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Issey Miyake
Issey Miyake teamed with German designer Konstantin Grcic on a pair of hexagonal-shaped wristwatches
Issey Miyake teamed with German designer Konstantin Grcic on a pair of hexagonal-shaped wristwatches
Konstantin Grcic

When it comes to creating that perfect chair, you can consider German designer Konstantin Grcic as one of the best in the business. His Chair_One and Miura stool have contributed to the belief that comfort can also look darn cool. Tapping on his fascination for geometry and pared-down aesthetics, Grcic has once again returned to cameo in another watchmaking collab since partaking in 2016’s sleek revision of Rado’s Ceramica. This time around, his effort will be labelled under Issey Miyake, the fashion brand that has been making collaborative wristwatch projects since 2001. Unlike the previous project, Grcic was now given a clean slate to develop his concept of time. But what probably caught his partner by surprise was that the case he had in mind was hexagonal – a shape you don’t see too often in modern day wristwatches. In the unisex Roku (which means six in Japanese alluding to the obvious), Grcic wanted to explore the relationship between a circle and a hexagon: the former exploring every minute and second of time and the latter symbolically referencing the time in 10-minute blocks. Take a closer look at the curves and the finishing of the case; if we didn’t know any better the six-sided housing looks inspired by the head of a bolt. That said, Grcic is also well aware of the foundations of his design – the steel Roku also has to be functional and highly legible, which unsurprisingly is. Two options are available here with one in brushed steel and another in a black hard coating, each paired with either a mesh or leather strap. Don’t be surprise that no one in your company owns a hexagonal wristwatch. You just planted the idea.

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