Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Champion
The 'Gamer Hoodie' comes with top-load pockets for easy storage and access
Velcro patches allow for gamers to attach team badges or sponsor logos
The hoodies are made of recycled polyester

If you were wondering why professional gamers – or Esports athletes as they are called these days – have an endless budget for hoodies, we now know it isn’t just for keeping warm from hours spent under the AC. What we can probably guess by Champion’s new hoodie made for their requirements – or for anyone who harbours the same lifestyle as a pro gamer – is that storage is key. The inclusion of pockets, more the merrier it seems, is what gamers want. Right at the front panel of this gamer-friendly version by Champion features top-loading pockets that allow wearers to reach for items with ease, probably inspired by a robotic cat known as Doraemon. Champion suggests using the pockets to store items like a “controller, mouse or water bottle” but why stop there when it also looks like a perfect makeshift popcorn bucket. In addition, the hoodie is made using recycled polyester because although gamers spend hours immersed in another world, they are still aware of helping the one they currently reside in. Champion also spared some thought into including an anti-odour technology on the fabric with not showering for days on end just part of the sacrifice of making it in this industry (or maybe gamers are truly aware of what it takes to save the world). Another Easter egg thrown into the mix is the roomier fit of the hood so that a headset can slip under easily. And just like the combative gear of soldiers or F1 drivers, these feature Velcro patches so that players can decorate the hoodie with team badges, sponsor logos, or maybe a to-do list.

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