Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Kenzo
Kenzo Sport is Kenzo's first foray into activewear
Kenzo Sport is Kenzo's first foray into activewear
Kenzo Sport is Kenzo's first foray into activewear

There’s a quiet understanding from your fave fashion labels that you’re not yet quite ready to commit to dressing up until this pandemic is done. The truth is, new workwear now looks like elevated WFH clothing choices, the kind that puts comfort at the forefront of your fit. At Kenzo, the timely launch of a new line titled Kenzo Sport – it has a line of fragrances with the same name – is now taking your lifestyle changes very seriously. So serious in fact that you can actually wear some of these items to bed, then head out to grab some grub, hit work, and finish the day with spinning classes without ever changing out of them. And if you were thinking about where the flex comes into play, Kenzo has visualised a new logo for this collection that the fashion set will take note of: a letter X made out of two Kenzo logos. Expect the X motif to mark fashion staples like tees, sweatshirts, dresses, backpacks, and belt bags.

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