Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Prada and Adidas Originals
The second drop of the 'Prada Superstar' comes in three colourways and is priced at US$500
The second drop of the 'Prada Superstar' comes in three colourways and is priced at US$500
The second drop of the 'Prada Superstar' comes in three colourways and is priced at US$500

Believe it or not, great ideas don’t need much tweaking. Tyres are still round and shirts still come with a pair of arm holes. The same stick-to-the-script formula has been applied to Prada’s first few drops in collaboration with Adidas Originals. Rather than form a polarising viewpoint of a Superstar shoe which would likely trigger sneakerheads to go batshit crazy in the online forums, Miuccia Prada has given the emblematic sneaker that was first launched 51 years ago the fullest amount of respect a designer can give – by leaving it almost untouched. The Prada Superstar is unapologetically similar to most original versions of the three-striped shoes you can find in the mainstream market today. What you must know is that the Prada Superstar is certainly a higher quality build – it is made in its Italian production facilities – with Prada’s Spazzolato Rois full-grain leather upper paired with Adidas Originals’ signature rubber shell toe and a herringbone-pattern rubber cupsole. The identifier of the collab rests solely on the blink-and-miss Prada logotype on the heel counter and tongue. As expected, these co-branded sneakers don’t come cheap. The first drop in all-white earlier this year were in such limited quantities – a pair costs over US$3,000 as it was bundled with a Prada bag – but they were quickly spoken for the moment news landed in late 2019. And like all usual best business practices, multiple colourways have been pencilled in with the latest being in all-black, silver and white, and the timeless white with black stripes (in non-limited quantities and at a rumoured price of point of US$500). They were originally teased for a March launch but for reasons you can probably guess, the release date was pushed to September 8 which also sets up Prada’s next big moment: the debut of Raf Simons’ collection as Prada’s co-creative director.


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